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Welcome to Bouncer Buddy, an online store dedicated to servicing the crowd control and hospitality industries. Bouncer Buddy Products is Australian owned and operated from the Gold Coast and prides itself on providing a complete and personalised service, focusing on each client's specialised needs Nationwide.

Product Highlights

Chain of Custody Quadruplicate Booklet

Chain of custody quadruplicate paperwork that are individually numbered, designed in accordance with Australian Sta ...

Police / Security Bodycam

Body worn high-definition video recorder for security and law enforcement with true HD 1296P/1080p recording. The ...

Tactical Security Vest (Hi Viz)

This fully adjustable vest has been produced for members of the Security Industry throughout Australia enabling lic ...

Crowd Control Register (Duplicate Pages)

Designed for the contract crowd controller that prefers to have a tear out duplicate of all recorded incidents. Th ...

Crowd Control Register

These crowd control registers comply with Queensland Liquor Act and Security Providers Act requirements, effectivel ...

25 x DrugCheck NxStep Urine Drug Screen (6 drugs + K2-Spice)

DrugCheck Onsite Test Cup complying with AS/NZS 4308:2008. This fully integrated cup test offers reliable results ...

Random Pick Products

Replacement Standard Earpiece Set

Replacement surgical grade acoustic tube earpiece that is discrete and comfortable. Greater flexibility and savings ...

Super Wand / THD Rechargeable Battery Kit

Rechargeable Battery Kit - Includes two (2) environmentally friendly Cadmium free Ni-MH batties and charger.

Noise Cancelling - Ear Bone Mic - Kenwood & Weierwei

The comfortable earpiece itself is a earphone as well as a microphone. Picks up voice from the vibration of the in ...

Tactical Throat Microphone - HYT TC-610 / TC-700 Radios

The comfortable two sensor design to make the quality of sound more true and clear with noise cancelling technology ...

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Electronic Tally Counter


Crowd Controllers Torch


Garrett THD


Digital Sound Meter


Alcohol Detector


Garrett Super Scanner


Garrett Super Wand


Super Wand / THD Rechargeable Battery Kit


Super Scanner Rechargeable Battery Kit


Manual Tally Counter


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Police / Security Bodycam


Electronic Tally Counter


Radio Earphone - Throat Mic - Kenwood & Weierwei Radios


Super Scanner Belt Holder


Sony Super HAD CCD II Button Hole Camera - Spare Part


Garrett Super Scanner V - New Model


Licensee's Register


Noise Cancelling - Ear Bone Mic - Kenwood & Weierwei


Crowd Controller Alert System - 2 Paired Units


Noise Cancelling - Ear Bone Mic - HYT TC-610 / TC-700 Radios