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Code: TC001
Electronic Tally Counter with add and subtract feature ideal for counting patrons in and out of a licensed premises.
Price: $25.00
Code: MTC001
Manual Tally Counter - counts up to 9999 - fitted with hold-ring so it can be used for lengthy time periods.
Price: $13.20
Code: CCT001
Crowd Controllers Ultra bright 10 white LED + 5 UV LED + Laser torch with batteries.
Price: $22.00
Code: CLF001
The Bouncer Buddy 3 mode Cree Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight is the brightest flashlight powered by one AA battery (supplied). Made from high quality aluminium this Cree LED is durable and reliable with 3 modes and a belt clip makes it ideally suited for crowd control duties.
Price: $16.50
Code: UVP001
This pen makes it easier, whilst portraying a professional image to patrons. Like the torch is has bright LED light, a LED ultra violet light (UV) and a laser pointer, it is even a pen that can be used to make those important notes.
Price: $16.50
Code: PID001
The Patron Identification (ID) System is powered from the premises existing CCTV system or with a 12 volt adaptor that is supplied. The Patron ID System fully integrates with the premises existing CCTV system.
Price: $792.00
Code: CCS001
The 2 metre webbing belt used reminds patrons that “this venue promotes responsible service” and have been designed with a quick release retractable system to reduce any concern of obstruction to a path of travel in the unlikely event the premises requires evacuation.
Price: $99.00
Code: WSC001
Wristband Safety Cutter can be used to safely remove wristbands from struggling patrons who are required to have their wristband removed. The Wristband Safety Cutter also comes with a handy clip for additional safety when being stored and can be worn as a key ring.
Price: $7.70
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