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BARS Training Australia is a Nationally Recognised Training Organisation (National Provider Number 32061) comprising of a multidisciplinary team of committed, professional trainers and consultants that utilise a wide range of experience for Bouncer And Responsible Service training throughout Australia. (Check National Training Website).

The company, along with its associated business partners, aims to assist the security and hospitality industries by providing them with a range of training and consulting solutions necessary to promote and develop the skills of their staff.

BARS Training Australia offers a full range of security qualifications including Apply First Aid and is currently approved by the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation to provide training in the approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Program as well as the Responsible Management of License Venues (RMLV) Course.

Our facilitation style focuses on communicating information that can be utilised in “real life” situations.  Our students graduate with an exceptional knowledge of security and hospitality practices, with the confidence in their decision-making and ability to optimise their skills.

BARS Training Australia aim to be the leaders in vocational education and training within the hospitality and security sectors, ensuring that our national competencies fully comply with the Australian Quality Framework 2013.

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